Oatsab Apk Free Download Latest Version For Android v2.23.10.9

Oatsab Apk Free Download Latest Version For Android

Introduction Oatsab Apk

There is nothing better than social media for communicating with friends, family, and people all over the world. Here, we will introduce you to Oatsab Apk, a social platform that is a modified version of the original WhatsApp. This is an unofficial app that provides you with the sophisticated features of the original app for free on your Android devices. Communicate with others online knowing that your message is encrypted from beginning to end. You have nothing to be afraid of. This mod version gives you more control over your privacy.

Oatsab APK’s developers strive to serve its users with the finest app possible. You will not be able to use all of the app’s sophisticated features in the original app. We also want to reassure you that our latest version is safe and secure for our loyal customers, so you don’t have to be concerned about your security or privacy. It’s simple to get started. Simply take out your Android phone download the latest version of the Oatsab app and enjoy a massive level of customization.

What is Oatsab Apk’s latest version?


A wonderful mod of your favorite Whatsapp. Oatsab Apk is more customizable than normal WhatsApp. With the use of this app, users can transform their voices from male to female. It gives you greater control over how others perceive you. This latest version permits you to read deleted messages from the sender, ensuring you don’t miss out on critical information.

Oatsab Apk enables you to send messages to people who have blocked you on the platform to perhaps resume communication. If you don’t like the application interface or anything else, don’t worry because this version has numerous customization options that allow you to modify it according to your taste and style.

What’s unique in the latest version of Oatsab APK?


In this part, you will be introduced to the latest changes in Oatsab Apk.

  • First and foremost, it offers a private notebook where you can organize your communications.
  • There is a direct translation option available regardless of where you are in the world or what language you speak. As a result, tap on it to translate any language.
  • Any text with captions can be forwarded.
  • Voice updates the status.
  • Hide the post’s status.


Basic information about Oatsab Apk:


Name Oatsab Apk
Publisher Oatsab
Genre WhatsApp
Latest Version v2.23.10.9
Size 79.9
Rating 4.3
Downloads 5 Billion+
Mod Info Safe WhatsApp
Last Update 21 October 2023


Exploring Features and Functionality of Oatsab Apk


This sophisticated messaging app provides a wide range of features that may be classified into different categories. Oatsab Apk has it all, from better privacy and personalization options to convenient chat capabilities. Explore the categories below to learn about the various features that distinguish the Oatsab App as a standout solution for those looking for a unique messaging experience.


Privacy and Security


  • End-to-End Encrypted

Oatsab’s latest version assures that your messages and phone calls are securely encrypted, protecting your communications.

  • Always Online

Allows you to stay connected by keeping your online status up-to-date even while the app is in the background.

  • Who can call me?

This modified version of whatsapp gives you more control over who can call you. And providing you an additional layer of privacy.

  • Protect a particular Profile

Allows you to lock particular profiles with a password or fingerprint, boosting privacy with the Oatsab app’s latest version.

  • There is no need to save numbers

Allows you to message contacts directly without saving their phone numbers, making sure of privacy in the Oatsab app.

  • Conceal view status

Enables you to turn off your view status when viewing other people’s status updates, giving you more privacy control.


Customization and Personalization


  • Customization of colors

This modified version enables you to personalize the color scheme of various elements within the app according to your preferences.

  • Tricks Style

Take control of your messaging experience with Oatsab apk, which enables you to modify the appearance of message delivery and read receipts to suit your tastes.

  • Font style Modification

Oatsab Apk allows you to alter the font style in chat, giving your messages a distinct look.

  • Dark Mode

The new update includes a dark mode. This will enhance the application’s attractiveness. Night mode is good for your eyes and keeps you awake at night while chatting.

  • Endless Themes and Colors

To modify the appearance, Oatsab Apk provides a variety of themes and color options.

  • Launcher icons

Express your creativity with launcher icons, which allow you to customize the app’s appearance on your device’s home screen.

  • Emoji variation

Enjoy a wide range of emojis provided by Oatsab apk, letting you share your feelings and style in a variety of ways.

  • Notification Icon

You can change the app’s notification icon to make it easier to distinguish app notifications.

  • Bubbles style

This app enables you to customize the visual presentation of your interactions by offering various chat bubble designs.

  • The color of the chat background

allows users to customize the chat conversation’s background color, adding to its visual impact.


Enhanced Messaging Experience


  • Chat contact photo

You can select multiple profile images for different contacts or organizations.

  • Participant Image

Allows you to choose a specific image for each group member.

  • Make use of two WhatsApp accounts

With Oatsan, you can manage both your personal and business profiles on the same device, as it lets you utilize two unique WhatsApp accounts at the same time.

  • Handy Chat Backup

Oatsab Apk permits you to back up your chats, guaranteeing that your chats are securely kept in this latest version.

  • Long Status Upload

Use Oatsab WhatsApp’s extended status update option to express yourself by sharing lengthier and more expressive updates with your connections.

  • Download Status Videos

Lets you download and save status videos from the profiles of other people.

  • Direct Contact Link

Allows you to build a direct link to your Oatsab whatsapp profile for quick sharing and contact commencement.

  • Messaging Scheduling

With the Oatsab apk message scheduling feature, you can take control of your messaging schedule. You may now easily plan messages to be delivered at a certain time, ensuring that crucial reminders and greetings reach your contacts on time.


Additional Features of Oatsab Apk:


  • It is a useful application for Whatsapp users.
  • The top-rated WhatsApp messenger app.
  • An alternative to GBWhatsapp and TMWhatsapp.
  • Oatsab’s latest version has similar features to the GB Whatsapp app.
  • Users benefit from advanced and diverse cultures.
  • Simple UI design that is free to download.
  • All smart devices have a user-friendly interface.
  • Superb app with the most recent version.


Advantages of Oatsab Apk:


  • You can send large files.
  • Full access to customization in Oatsab’s latest version.
  • This version restores deleted messages.
  • It offers many privacy features.
  • You can directly download the status from the Oatsab apk.
  • It allows you to lock any chat individually.
  • You can easily set Auto reply.


Disadvantages of Oatsab Apk:


  • The Oatsab Apk app is not verified by Google Play Protect. Because this app does not follow the Play Store’s terms and conditions.
  • The next drawback is that there is a significant possibility that Oatsab apk will infect your phone with malware or viruses. Because it is kept on a less secure server. You can look for some top-secret advice to safeguard your phone.
  • There is a probability that your account may be banned if you use third party apps.
  • Many users use third party apps for user interaction and advanced features. But they had no idea how risky it was.


Difference between Original WhatsApp and Oatsab Apk:


Original Whatsapp Oatsab Apk
It is unable to conceal its online status. It is able to conceal online status
Media sharing limit up to 20 MB Media sharing limit up to 50 MBs
It is a simple and fast app It is a very responsive app
No backup feature You can create backup to Google Drive
It has no anti delete feature It has anti delete feature
It provides the option of default theme It provides the option of Custom theme
Allow forward tags Turn off Forward tags


How to Download Oatsab’s latest version:


Follow the given steps to successfully install the Oatsab APK version;

  • Step 1: Download Oatsab APK

Firstly, download the Oatsab app APK file.

  • Step 2: Allow Installation from Unknown Sources

Open your phone settings, go to the Security option, and click on Unknown Sources. This allows installations from sources other than official app stores.

  • Step 3: Install the APK

After that click on the downloaded apk file and initiate installation.

  • Step 5: Register and Login

Open Oatsab WhatsApp, sign up with your phone number and confirm your account with a one-time code. Existing users can access the site.

  • Step 6: Set Up Profile

Add a photo, name, and status to your profile.

  • Step 7: Start Using the Oatsab apk app

Starting now, you can use Oatsab and WhatsApp for your purposes with the best and most beneficial results.


Frequently asked questions about Oatsab Apk:


Q 1. Is Oatsab apk the first version of WhatsApp?
Ans. Oatsab Apk is not the original WhatsApp application. It is an improved version of WhatsApp created by third-party developers.
Q 2. Is the Play Store a source for the Oatsab apk app?
Ans. Despite not being available on the Play Store, you may get this app through the link in the article. To use the simplified and customized version of WhatsApp, click on the link.
Q 3. How to update the Oatsab Apk app?
Ans. If you have already installed Oatsab APK, you can go through the same process again. However, you must always download the most recent APK file for the updating process to be successful.
Q 4. Is Oatsab Whatsapp safe to use?
Ans. Of course, this latest version is completely virus-free, so users may use it without being concerned about the security of their accounts.
Q 5. The Oatsab Apk App is free?
Ans. Yes, The Oatsab apk app is completely free.
Q 6. Can you use the Oatsab apk app on an iOS device?
Ans. No, there is only an Android version of the Oatsab apk right now.
Q 7. Q: Can I have two Whatsapp accounts on the same phone?
Ans. Sure! You can use the regular Whatsapp app and Oatsab Whatsapp simultaneously on your phone, but you’ll need two registered accounts.




Additional features that Oatsab Apk offers make it an attractive option for users looking for more control and flexibility in their messaging apps. This app takes a new and original approach to instant messaging, with a wide range of unique features and functionalities. It is designed to enhance the overall communications experience and to meet the changing requirements of modern communication. If you want to use the Oatsab latest version then you are required to download this for Android. It is the best app with a comprehensive set of advanced features.

If you have any queries concerning the app, please leave them in the comments area. We are available to help you 24 hours. Keep in touch with us for updates and new apps. Thank you for visiting this website.